How To Change Clock Display On iPhone X Lockscreen

How To Change Clock Display On iPhone X Lockscreen

The iPhone X device is the only iPhone that uses OLED screens. This technology produces a brighter and sharper color screen but claimed to be very power efficient on the black pixel display. This is a unique idea that Ronan Stark OLED uses that can replace Lockscreen on iPhone X of course in the usual way. Check out the OLEDX review and unique way to use this app.

How To Change Clock Display On iPhone X

Get to know OLEDX

As per the description on the OLEDX page, this app is actually just as complete and additional information as you want. You can use OLEDX like a screensaver on your computer to keep the clock and pictures displayed in minimalist white. The best part of OLEDX is the use of black color pixels that match OLED technology. A very large procession. In his notes, Ronan Stark claims that OLEDX only drives 2 pixels every minute, imagine the energy-efficient donk that will be used?

OLEDX settings

Please download OLEDX in the App Store and open the app. After that go into the settings for some things around the display that you can change. Starting from the use of Proximity Sensor, Analog Clock, color, Faces, personal note and some other things. So note, a complete feature you can enjoy if using OLEDX in in-app purchase mode. Done with settings, you can return the button to return to the OLEDX main view. Now we will discuss how to use OLEDX instead of Lockscreen.

Using OLEDX + Assisted Access

Apple has a Guided Access feature to help you focus on an app within the time limit used or through Passcode Lock security. This feature I use for the use of gadgets in children or some other activities. You can also have guided access to iPhone X PDF with OLEDX.

Here are the guidelines for using OLEDX and Assisted Access:

  1. Make the settings for OLEDX as needed.
  2. Go to Settings – General – Accessibility – Guided Access – ON.
  3. Go to the passcode Settings section and use the lock code you want to use. Also, Face ID.
  4. Back to the previous page, activate Accessibility Shortcut is how to quickly activated Guidedd Access by 3x click Side Button.

Done, now go to OLEDX main view and press 3x Side Button. Do the settings you need a screen that can not be touched or some other thing. Last stay press Resume or return to OLEDX main view. Now your screen will always be on (not off) and display the image from OLED X. To return to normal mode, press the side button and quickly face Face ID lock face.

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