The iPhone 7s Plus And iPhone 8 Dual Cameras

iPhone 7S

The iPhone 7 already mounted the second camera last year, it did in the Plus model and was the starting gun for a new way to employ the dual lenses that have been followed by other brand and recently by Samsung in its Galaxy Note 8. Change the focal lengths from one to the other to be able to expand without using the software, witty and, apparently, popular.

This year is already preparing the new generation of Apple terminals and, as expected, it is contemplated that the second camera repeat on the back of the model Plus, but there is something else. The iPhone 8, the model with OLED screen, will debut as a third device and also have two eyes on the back.

That’s what has cost, according to Digitimes, the new camera lens factory too long Precision, one of the two eye suppliers for Apple mobile phones. The other is Genius Electronics Optical. Both took the Apple specifications last year and executed them scrupulously to result in the dual lens of the iPhone 7 Plus.

If we put in perspective that Apple got last year more than 240 million mobile phones, have up to two flagships with a dual camera has logically made the Californian manufacturer reinforce its leading product lines. Not directly, but through contracts with their suppliers.

Largan would have already taken care of this, creating a new mobile lens factory in Taichung, a company for which he would now be hiring staff. Given that the iPhone 8 could be delayed due to supply problems with the OLED screen, this second factory could be the one chosen to provide this model.

So this year it is expected that there are two models with dual camera, two models with LCD IPS screen and, apparently, three models above 1,000 euros of the price. We will see what results in the new iPhone when put on sale with new “assumptions” prices. Although the market grows and surpassing the 1,000 euros is no longer madness, it is a reality. We’d better get used to it for the Premium model.

The iPhone 7S and 7S Plus could count on some of Apple’s most intriguing designs in years. So far, this is all the information we have about the new models that could be launched in September 2017.

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