iPhone 8 is Probably Delayed

iPhone 8

Rumors that Swirl ahead of every iPhone launch. There are always rumblings of supply shortages at launch, and some reports inevitably state that the release of the brand new iPhone might even be postponed because of manufacturing difficulties. This could be the case with the coming new “iPhone 8,” that is Apple’s first completely redesigned iPhone as it released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus back in 2014. The company has been occupying the same phone design each year since then, but this comes to an end in 2017 with a ground-up redesign to the iPhone 8, along with new glass housings for its “iPhone 7s” and also “iPhone 7s Plus.”

iPhone 8 Is Probably Delayed

This line of Rumors before the iPhone 8 launching is currently shaping up to be somewhat different from years past, nevertheless, because in the instance with the new iPhone the rumors are most likely true. Based on everything we’ve heard from our sources and everything we’ve read, iPhone 8 will be postponed. That “delay” might wind up being a severe supply shortage at launching as production ramps up, or Apple could proceed as far as to push on the device’s release back to October.

There is a Volume of doomsday prepping reports of the iPhone 8 delay, but attempt to keep in mind while you read it that it’s all just nonsense. Since the late Chester Bennington belted in the long run, it doesn’t even matter.

The release Of the iPhone 8 will probably be later than the phones of Apple appear because of a delay in production that is OLED, according to an investor note from RBC Capital Markets Wednesday, released.

“While We still think Apple launches all three models simultaneously in September, the OLED model will observe limited availability or delayed availability till mid-October/November time frame,” the note stated.

This report Corroborates rumors that the OLED display is planned for the next iPhone.

For a period Two decades before, annually was Apple’s last year in business. Every year is the last year at the very top of Apple. Maintaining all of the naysayers predicting the Applepocalypse is a fool’s errand indeed… but it’s still fun to point and laugh.

The crisis Dujour right now is potential iPhone 8 launch delays, which appears more and more likely with each passing day. The new iPhone 8 of Apple stuffed to the gills and consequently, it’s difficult to mass produce. Apple bears and even a couple of bloggers have determined this means the end is nigh for Apple. That is ridiculous.

Here’s an Excerpt from a level headed note sent to customers earlier this week by Guggenheim analyst Robert Cihra:

We believe Apple has some valid long term conditions that ultimately matter for your stock (e.g., size, elongating smartphone replacement cycles, China, Services) but don’t think any short lived delay launching its new high-end iPhone 8 SKU qualifies as among them.

Rather, we Believe its iOS means loyal users will WAIT, so any units pushed out of CY17 would be pushed into CY18. Given the stock trades on forwarding numbers, that might end up a boost, very similar to how we see this iPhone turning helping out push macro hurdles.

Apple Reports Jun-qtr earnings on Aug inch, and we remain 3c ahead of consensus. We cut EPS by 18c for an additional delayed launch of iPhone 8 but just push that into FY18E, which our Sep-qtr/FY17E  EPS to >$11, now 50c in front of consensus.

This is by Far the most sensible accept the circumstance. Apple has some hurdles, but a delay isn’t one. Apple gets got the most loyal customers in the world among consumer electronics companies. Among all businesses. iPhone sales might dip in the September quarter, but those sales aren’t disappearing, they’re shifting into the very first and also second quarters of fiscal 2018.

If You Are an Investor iPhone 8 supply shortages or perhaps a release delay obviously Because the market will react for the short term matter. The market reacts to Every thing. But if you think Apple will lose any Part Of sales, you’re crazy. iPhone supply is always short at launch, and we To find a mass exodus because of this. With Apple’s first redesigned iPhone since 2014 planning does not expect you’ll see a mass exodus either.

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